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Finance Manager – Hugo Boss

Reporting to the Managing Director, the Finance Manager will be responsible for the financial and accounting control for the Hugo Boss Dubai office, as well as overseeing the administration, HR, IT and Logistic functions.

1. Financial Planning and Analysis (FP & A) functions
- Develop and implement an effective planning and analysis process to facilitate management to measure business performance and take necessary actions
- Prepare monthly standard logistic reports
- Communicate company consolidated financial and operational performance trends using appropriate metrics
- Work closely with regional sales team on revenue recognition and profitability issues
- Provide ad-hoc reports and analysis
Develop and execute processes to allow for routine analytical reviews of company financial and operational performance
- Lead the annual budgeting and interim forecast process

2. Accounting, IT and Logistics functions
- Manage overall accounting function
- Monitor the month-end closing process
- Monitor and control budgetary costs
- Re-engineer and improve operational/internal controls on the accounting process
- Partner with headquarter on new projects and management reports
- Ensure compliance with taxation practices and planning
- Be involved in implementation projects and process improvement projects for accounting procedures, compliance, IT & Payroll systems
- Optimize retail inventory and store replenishment processes
- Ensure smooth system operation and lead all IT Projects

Job Details

Date Posted: 2015-07-05
Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance
Company Industry: Retail/Wholesale
Monthly Salary: US $9,000

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management

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اليوم - الإمارات - دبي - بيت.كوم
Tumor Registrar

To establish, coordinate and maintain the efficient operation of the Tumor Registry. To register and follow patients with a diagnosis of malignancy, and to retrieve, analyze and present registry data in accordance with professional ethics.
The Registrar serves the Saudi Aramco health (approx. 240,000 employees and dependents), ensuring that all cases of malignancy are identified and accurately recorded in the registry data base. The Tumor Registrar works under the direction of the Cancer Center, and has specific authority to retrieve patient information from multiple sources within JHAH. Sole responsibility for development, enhancement and maintenance of the highly confidential computer program. Ensures compliance with the recommendations for an approved cancer program set forth by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.  The Tumor Registrar is required to work independently with minimal supervision.

Job Details

Date Posted: 2015-07-02
Job Location: Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
Job Role: Healthcare/Medical
Company Industry: Healthcare, Practitioner and Technician

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career

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اليوم - السعودية - الرياض - بيت.كوم
مطلوب دكاترة جامعه لجامعه اهليه بالسعوديه

• لغه انجليزيه
• موارد بشريه
• علاج طبيعى
• قانون
• فيزياء
• صيدله
• اقتصاد
• محاسبه
• سجلات طبيه
• تمريض
( رجال ونساء) المؤهل دكتوراه من جامعه معترف بها مع خبرة جامعية لاتقل عن سنتين

Job Details

Date Posted: 2015-07-05
Job Location: Cairo, Egypt
Job Role: Education/Training
Company Industry: Human Resources

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Executive/Director

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اليوم - مصر - القاهرة - بيت.كوم
Middle and High School Deputy

- Communicates,supports and upholds Stars Language School's vision, direction and values .
- Actively supports the Principal and the Senior Leadership Team . 
- Actively supports, strengthens and develops leaders throughout the school primarily through a coaching approach . 
- Leads and assists staff to promote valued student outcomes . 
- Models professional behavior and teaching practice for school staff. 
- Keeps up to date with current management and professional practices .
- Monitors school wide student achievement .
- Works with all school departments, Senior Staff and administration in th compilation of school wide assessment and reporting systems . 
- Ensures students interact positively with staff,fellow students and comply with school expectations of behavior . 
- Is resposible for informal and fomal observations of teachers . 

Job Details

Date Posted: 2015-07-04
Job Location: Cairo, Egypt
Job Role: Education/Training
Company Industry: Education, Training, and Library

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Gender: Female
Degree: Bachelor's degree

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اليوم - مصر - القاهرة - بيت.كوم
Relationship Manager

• Promote products and services Professionals through in -office presentations.
• Establishes market objectives and elaborates business plans to develop new opportunities and revenue streams for the company's products.
• Undertakes research and analysis of all target markets by geography, structure type or product type.
• Gathers industry intelligence, monitors trends/methodologies used by competitors, architects, developers and contractors.
• Conducts problem analysis for existing and new marketing directions with appropriate risk analysis.
• Develop and implement strategic sales plans to accommodate corporate goals.
• Directs Sales forecasting activities and sets performance goals accordingly for team members.
• Direct staffing, training, and performance evaluations to develop and control sales program.
• Directs channel development activity and coordinates sales distribution by establishing sales territories, quotas, and goals.
• Assigns sales territory to sales representatives as well as analyzes sales statistics to formulate policy and assist team in promoting sales.
• Participate in industry association events to promote use of our products and services.
• Develop business through promoting our products and services to owners and developers.
• Call on customers at commercial, industrial, and other establishments to convince prospective clients of the desirability and practicability of products and services offered
• Review plans and other customer documents to develop and prepare cost estimates or recommend changes to product and services
• Propose changes in processes or materials or services, which would result in cost reduction or improvements
• Provide technical services to the client regarding the use of the product
• May provide assistance in preparing contracts.
• Train customers’ employees in the proper use of the product
• Meets with key clients, delivering sales presentations and assisting sales representative with negotiating and closing deals.
• Analyzes and controls expenditures of division to conform to budget requirements.
• Assists other departments within organization to prepare manuals and technical publications.
• Prepares periodic sales report and directs product research and development.
• Train internal customers on value added sales opportunities and techniques. Works with customers to resolve product or service problems
• Prepare educational and informational brochures and newsletters as part of an overall marketing plan
• Perform other tasks as assigned by Immediate Manager/Director.
• Complies with all and ensures compliance of all Safety, Health, Environmental and other Company policies, procedures and requirements
• Administers the estimation department and takes charge of pricing & estimation of new projects /inquiries.
• To evaluate the time, production, planning and cost that estimator has allocated for the project.
• Follow up on invoices and payments (interim & final, claims against the additional works and lost time) in coordination with Marketing Manager.
• Involved in the employee appraisal.
• Submit half yearly and yearly budget to the Marketing Manager.

Job Details

Date Posted: 2015-07-04
Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Job Role: Marketing/PR
Company Industry: Manufacturing and Production

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Degree: Master's degree

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اليوم - الإمارات - دبي - بيت.كوم
اخصائية تخاطب
اخصائية تخاطب مكفوفين تأهيل جميع الاعاقات ( توحد .داون . تاخر عقلى .تاخر لغوى . تأخر نطق ) تعديل سلوك .تنمية مهارات التواصل البصرى .تنمية مهارات الادراك المعرفى .رعاية ذات .دمج .تنمية لغوية . ارغب العمل فى احد المراكز المتخصصه .مدارس اهليه . مستشفى . خارج مصر يفضل مكة ..المدينة . جدة فالمقام الأول للتواصل الجاد يفضل سيدات
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للجادين مطلوب معلمين للعمل بالرياض بمرتبات مغريه
للجادين مطلوب معلمين للعمل بالرياض بمرتبات مغريه مرتب يبتدى من 6700ر.س مده الدوام 8 ساعات تامين صحى شامل لافراد العائله بدل سكن و تنقل على الراغبين فى العمل ارسال الاسم ورجم الجوال على الايمل التالى hr.adhm.d@gmail.com وسيتم ارسال كافه التفاصيل
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Graphic Designer Required
A Graphic Designer is responsible for creating design solutions that have a high visual impact. Qualifications: 1- Bachelor holder. 2- Good command of reading/writing in English. 3- 2 years of experience in the field. 4- Good command of using the following software "Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe After Effect - Adobe PDF - Adobe Dreamweaver - CorelDraw - Microsoft Office". 5- Good knowledge of PHP - HTML - XML. 6- Any gender. Duties: -Developing design briefs by gathering information and data through research. -Developing concepts, graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and websites. - Terminating size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy, and font style and size. - Liaising with external printers on a regular basis to ensure deadlines are met and material is printed to the highest quality. - Design and craft all the marketing materials. Kindly send your CV to this Email: hr.transhome@gmail.com Cellphone: 01122339300
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تسويق الكترونى وجرافيكس
من اعمالنا فى مجال التسويق الالكترونى : 1/ يمكننا ادارة المحتوى واستعمال الكنترول بانل الخاصه باى سكربت تابع لاى موقع 2/خبرة جيدة فى الدعم الفنى للمواقع والسكربتات والمجلات المختلفه 3/ادارة صفحات الفيس بوك وتوتير وجوجل بلس ولينكد ان 4/النشر اليومى فى المنتديات القوية لكسب كلمات بحثيه جيده ولنشر عدد اكبر من الاعلانات 5/انشاء المدونات ونشر المواضيع بها 6/عمل قنوات الفيديو وعمل فيديوهات تخص المنتج المعلن عنه 7/ارسال ايميلات اعلانيه لعدد كبير من الايميلات يوميا 8/نقوم بعمل جميع الاعلانات cpc حملات الفيس بوك الممولة + ادوورد للمواقع وتبعا لعدد الاعلانات اليوميه سيتم تحديد الراتب الشهرى 9/ اعطاء محاضرات دورات تدريبية عملية مكثفة للأفراد والشركات والمجموعات خاصة فى التسويق الالكترونى عمل ايضا سيو للمواقع الكترونية من اجل الظهور فى الصفحات الاولى 10 ملحوظه : معى فريق لاعمال التسويق التى تحتاج الى اعلانات يوميه مكثفه **** قسم الجرافيكس ****** نقوم بعمل جميع انواع التصاميم و الطباعة على الاتى:- 1/ لوجو 2/ كارت شخصى 3/ ورق شركة 4/ فلاير 5/ بوستر 6/ ستيكر 7/ برشور 8/ مجلة أو كتالوج 9/ منيو 10/ جواب 11/ يافطة + بنرات ملحوظة نقوم بالعمل فى الجرافيكس بالطلب او القطعة ويوجد لدينا ايضاً مطابع بها فريق محترف للطباعة اى شيئ للاتصال :
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عمل كافة اعمال التصميمات الجرافيكس
عمل كافة اعمال التصميمات الجرافيكس مصمم جرافيك محترف حر تصميم الشعارات و الاعلانات الخارجية والداخلية والورق الرسمى والمطبوعات الخاصة للشركات والأفراد أقوم بأحدث اساليب التصميم وفكر مناسب وراقى لمجال العميل باحترافية وسرعة واتقان فى تنفيذ التصميمات المطلوبة على استعداد لتلبية جميع طلباتكم للاتصال : 01152381304
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